McNally’s strength in design engineering coupled with deep manufacturing experience provides a powerful combination for product development or re-engineering. Great candidates for these services are components or systems on legacy equipment that are in constant need of repair or replacement. McNally has provided these services to  end-users for components and sub-assemblies that are no longer supported by the original equipment manufacturer and to OEMs whose engineering teams are focused on new products.

Our engineers are adept at working within the constraints of form, fit and function while improving a design for weight, wear, performance, life-cycle costs or basic obsolescence issues. Solutions can be as simple as new materials or repair procedures using new techniques or as comprehensive as an entirely new design.


  • In the late 1990s, McNally engineers designed a new coolant pump for the Phalanx CIWS based solely on performance specifications for the United States Navy. Recently, at the U.S. Navy’s request to more than double pump life, we have improved the design, ensuring a much longer mean-time-between-service.
  • Working together with a partner, McNally developed a rotor blade clamp system for the UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter which allows the Army to handle helicopter blades more safely and with fewer personnel than previous systems.
  • After reverse engineering a transmission pump for the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, McNally engineers developed an enhancement which allows the Army to repair a failed pump by simply replacing a cartridge, saving both time and a significant amount of money for routine maintenance.
  • The company’s engineers have developed numerous design enhancements for the ammunition handling systems for the Mk45 weapon system.

From concept to design, materials selection to tooling, manufacturing and shipping, McNally Industries transforms ideas into real products and solutions. We focus on enhancing performance and on what is functional, efficient and producible, with an ever-present goal of ensuring the Warfighter has the materials he needs when he needs them.